Third Monthly Meetup Event report

Third Monthly Meetup Event report

TECH Setu is a student-led non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental organization whose motive is to bridge the gap between students, IT industry and market. With the purpose of enhancing students’ motivation, performance and knowledge we (TECH Setu) conduct our monthly tech meetup.

We have successfully conducted our two meetups and our 3rd meetup was held on 14th August 2021, Saturday which was quite exciting, informative as well as encouraging.

In case if you missed it, here are the links of our past events:

Second monthly meetup:

Pre-event Proceedings

As we have already conducted our first two meetups with great success. By receiving lots of encouraging and appreciative feedback and reviews from our listeners, supporters and mentors as well, this time for the event, we decided to include something exciting and more fruitful. Hence, in this event we decided to introduce the topic of entrepreneurial journey.

This way our talk lineup was one keynote speaker, two industry speakers and one student speaker. The theme of the event was “Insight on Interview Preparation and Entrepreneurial Journey (mainly from Women’s perspective)”. The event was targeted for the IT students to have an awareness and understanding towards the real world IT industry and market.

All the speakers were selected through the advice of our mentors, friends circle and supporters through a general talk. The promotion of the event was started on 27 July with the announcement of the keynote speaker Miss. Faija Parween on the TECH Setu’s official Facebook page by opening the registration form for all the interested students. We also used social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn as our outreach and promotion platform. In addition to that, with the time gap of two to three days, we kept on posting about our event so as to grab the necessary attention of potential audience.

The announcement of Student Speaker Mr. Sanjok Gyawali took place after a couple of days after the announcement of previous speaker and then two Industry speakers Mr. Ashish Yadav and Mr. Sushrant Rijal were announced on the 6th and 7th days after the first announcement took place in which they were sharing their valuable insight on the “Interview Preparation for IT Industry” and “Perks of being Software Developer” respectively.

Event Day

The event started at its predetermined time at 4pm onwards and officially ended at 5:45 pm. There were around 40 participants including mentors, speakers, members of TECH Setu and other participants as well. It was moderated by Miss. Smriti Khadka and Mr. Niyoj Oli. They warmly welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction of the organization and its initiative. Moreover, the meeting was conducted through Google meet and in addition to that, the event was being live-streamed through our official YouTube channel.

First Speaker as Industry Speaker

Our first speaker, Mr. Ashish Yadav was talking on the topic “Interview Preparation for IT Industry” in which he shared the basic format of interview like getting the interview, interview process, handling things after rejection and some bonus tips to impress the recruiter in the context of Nepal. He also talked about the types of interview, methods of building a strong resume or profile, technical as well as non-technical interview questions and the benefits of proactiveness. Beside that he also suggested giving skill relevant answers during interview time so as to have a greater impression on the recruiter.

Second Speaker as Student Speaker

Our Student Speaker, Mr. Sanjok Gyawali shared his speech on “Managing Studies and Job Parallel”. He is currently working as a software engineer at Alpha Beta Theta Technologies and also a first year diploma student. He shared his passion and commitment towards his work and goal with the proper management of time. He smoothly explained how he prioritized his task and gave time according to its importance. He also provided his insight on the obstacles of being a student programmer in which he talked on various topics like health issues, work pressure, age issues and many more. At last, he presented his views on the importance of entertainment during busy schedule life and the need of spending time with family and friends.

Third Speaker as Industry Speaker

Our third speaker, Mr. Sushrant Rijal talked on “Perks of Being a Software Developer” where he beautifully explained about many topics like what software developers actually do, need of knowing self-worth, Nepalese IT market especially for freshers and so on. He also explained how the market is growing and what the challenges are. He detaily described each topic with appropriate real-time examples. In addition to that, he presented a motivational quote at the bottom of each slide which made the event even more exciting and informative.

Due to some health problems, our Keynote Speaker, Miss. Faija Parween was not able to attend the event. So by wishing for her speedy recovery, the event officially ended before its expected time at 5:45 pm.

Vote of Thanks

We express our huge gratitude towards our amazing speakers Mr. Ashish Yadav, Mr. Sanjok Gyawali, and Mr. Susant Rijal for sharing their journey, experience, challenges and insight with our audience.

Last but not least, we are equally thankful to our audience for their smooth coordination, our entire team of Tech Setu who had put their hard work and effort to make this event successful and our hosts who had greatly managed the event.

We would love to meet you again in our 4th monthly meetup. Hope to see you all in the next meetup.


In case you missed the event, you can go through the following video and help yourself.