Second Monthly Meetup Event report

Second Monthly Meetup Event report

Recently, we conducted our second monthly tech meetup on 10th July 2021, Saturday. Preparing for the second meet up was quite challenging, because we had already set a goal by the first meetup.

About TECH Setu, it is a student-led non-profit initiative with a mission to bridge the gap between IT Industry and Students. And, monthly meetup is one of our initiatives where students share their learnings and engineers share their experiences.

Pre-event Proceedings

For this event, we decided to have something different and exciting. Hence, from this meetup onwards we introduced the Lightning Talk concept.

“A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or similar forum.” - Wikipedia

This way our talk lineup was one student speaker, one industry speaker, three lightning speakers and one keynote speaker. The theme of the event was “Make a bridge between IT Industry and Students”. The event was targeted for the students to secure a future in the IT industry.

All the speakers were selected by the advice of our mentors and through a call to talk proposal.

The promotion of the event started on 27th June with the announcement of the Lightning Speaker, Mr. Nikhil Aryal on the TECH Setu’s official Facebook page. The registration form was opened from the very first day. We used social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn as our outreach and promotion platforms. Similarly, with a time gap of a day, we kept on posting about our event to grab the necessary attention of the potential audience.

The announcement of second Industry Speaker Miss Sima Thapa and then as Lightning Speakers was Mr. Budh Ram Gurung and Ebraj Gurung was announced by a couple of days after the previous speaker’s announcement.

Gradually, on 6th July we announced our Keynote Speaker Mr. Bishworaj Poudel who was sharing his invaluable insights on the topic “5 Lessons to build your successful Path” Finally, three days before the event, we announced our Student Speaker Miss. Sadhana Sapkota.

Event Day

The event started at its specified time from 4 pm onwards and officially ended at 6:30 pm. There were around 60 participants which included the members of TECH Setu, mentors, and speakers. It was moderated by Miss. Bidya Thapa and Samrat Pudasaini. They welcomed and gave a brief introduction of the organization and its initiative. Along with a meeting with the Zoom app, the event was being live-streamed through our official YouTube channel.

First Speaker as Industry Speaker

Our first speaker Miss. Sima Thapa was talking on the topic “Frontend to Full Stack Development” where she was sharing her journey of pain, struggle, and fun while she got into this field. She was sharing her nearly 2 years of experience in the Tech Industry. She talked about the different career pathways and roles as well as responsibilities in the IT field.

Second Speaker as Student Speaker

Miss. Sadhana Sapkota talked about “Building a Branding Story with Graphics Designing”. She is currently working as a Graphic Designer at Cellapp and Smartpalika and also studying as a first year student at Virinchi College. She shared her love of art, design, and meeting new people with different ideas. She talked on many topics like “Why branding? Defining a brand, designing brand identity and choosing a brand” and so on.

Third Speaker as Keynote Speaker

Mr. Bishworaj Poudel was our keynote speaker for our second meetup. He loves helping people to understand new concepts and giving them tools to help them excel in their passion. He develops websites, software and apps according to people’s needs. Being a mainstream developer, he has developed various software like Thulo IMS, Thulo Daybook which is used by many companies and peoples. He run a YouTube Channel Technology Channel which is popular in Nepal regarding programming and technology.

His topic of the talk was “5 Lessons to Build Your Successful Career”. He encouraged students to be brave, authentic, substantive, predictable, and hard working. He said to us “Whether you’re looking for a job, growing your network or building your career, you want to be memorable and create meaningful connections. Big brands have figured out how to gain attention and make themselves stand out and we can learn something from their marketing hype that is relevant to our own success”.

Fourth Speaker as Lightning Speaker

Mr. Nikhil Aryal gave a talk on the topic on “5 Hacking Tools One Must Know”. He explained some of the essential tools used for hacking. As he said, hacking is not a small piece of cake, we should devote more and more time on Hacking. He shared his most useful hacking tools such as Wireshark, TCP Dump and Libcamp, MITM Proxy, Burp Suite and so on.

Fifth Speaker as Lightning Speaker

Mr. Ebraj Gurung gave us a brief talk and demo of an app called “POMODORO TIMER” which was developed by himself. As he told us, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that can be used for any task. He nicely shown us working of the app and also gave code walkthrough through his GitHub repo how he had made this app.

Final Speaker as Lightning Speaker

The final talk by our own TECH Setu mentor Mr. Budh Ram Gurung. He shared his idea on the topic of “Roadmap to Ninja Developer For Students”. He explained in his talk about “Who is a ninja developer?, Breadth and Depth knowledge, Roadmap for student and his final thoughts”. He had also given some proven advice like getting a mentor, peer to peer learning, skill of sharing knowledge and so on. He also suggested that one should find their own ways by remembering the phrase “APPO DEEPO BHAVA (Be a light unto yourself)” given by lord Buddha.

Vote of Thanks

We express our huge gratitude towards our amazing speakers Mr. Bishworaj Poudel, Ms. Sadhana Sapkota, Ms. Sima Thapa, Mr. Budh Ram Gurung, Mr. Nikhil Aryal and Mr. Ebraj Gurung for sharing their journey, experiences, and insights with our audience. Last but not least, I thank all the participants for showing their interest in the program. I once again thank everyone for making this program successful.

I would like to thank all organizing team members and the hosts for hosting this event successfully.

See you in the next meetup.


In case you missed the event, you can go through the following video and help yourself.